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AquaSensors™ RDO™ Pro-X Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Continuously monitor dissolved oxygen (DO) in municipal and industrial applications with the Thermo Scientific™ RDO™ Pro-X Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. The RDO Pro-X provides real-time, reliable data through continuous DO monitoring, which helps improve wastewater treatment operations.

Connect this advanced optical DO sensor directly to a PLC for seamless integration with industrial control systems. Use any computer to display data, calibrate and customize the measurement without an intermediate analyzer electronics box. Optional AV38 local display/controller is also available for more conventional installations offering single or dual sensor inputs. This versatile system is ideal for monitoring DO levels from 0 to 20 ppm throughout a wastewater treatment plant.


Product Description

The AquaSensors RDO Pro-X is the latest generation in rugged luminescent dissolved oxygen technology for wastewater monitoring.
— 0 to 20ppm measurement range
— No membranes; only annual field replaceable caps
— Resists photo-bleaching and abrasive process media
— No “poisoning” by sulfides
— No cross sensitivity to carbon dioxide, ammonia, pH, sulfide, sulfate, chloride or hydrogen sulfide
— Plug-and-play design with digital network interface
— For local display, connect to AquaPro™ or AV38

Recommended for:
— Municipal and industrial wastewater
— Aquaculture
— Brewing
— Fermentation
— Bio-processing

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