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Drilling Mud Analyzer

Combining the latest in CCD Ethernet camera technology with Canty fused glass, lighting and CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ software, the RILLING
MUD PARTICLE SIZE ANALYZER Measurement System provides real time In Flow measurement of Water-based mud (WBM), Oil-based mud (OBM),
and Synthetic based mud (SBM).

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The ONLINE CANTY DRILLING MUD PARTICLE SIZE ANALYZER System allows drilling mud operators and mud loggers to get real-time information on how the drilling mud is performing. The system can output a 4-20mA or OPC to a PLC or DCS for complete control. It provides visual verification on screen of fines or LCMs. The CANTY analyzer is connected to the mud line by a main pipe with flange connections that are the same size as you current pipe connections. The system then take a continuos sample to the CANTY unit where it is analyzed and It uses a 0- 1/2” variable insertion measurement gap. This insertion is made possible by the Fuseview™ sight glass, which allows the optical fused pieces to be located in the center of the fluid stream, which is unique to the CANTY system. The fused glass seal contains no gaskets, ledges, or steps allowing the highest velocity, representative sample and keeps the sensor clean, even in the harshest of environments (crude oil, drilling mud, etc.). The fused glass seal location keeps the sensor in line with the process temperature to avoid product build up due to thermal change. The image processor can be configured with multiple zone sensing on the image of the fluid. The results from the zones can be compared to base line values for reliability and alarm on detection of a problem.

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