Product Description

Canada Sensors Technology Inc. offers an affordable solution with the Process 3 Pressure Transmitter without sacrificing quality or longevity of use.


 ✓  4 – 20 mA Two Wire, Voltage, MODbus, CANbus, J1939, USB, Ethernet 
 ✓  0.25% BSL Accuracy 
 ✓  Monolithic Block Glass Bonded One Piece Stainless Steel Machined Sensor 
 ✓  No Welded Diaphragms, No Internal O-rings, No Silicone Oil Fill 
 ✓  Single seal compliant to ANSI/ISA-
 ✓  Zero & Span Function
 ✓  >100 million Cycles
 ✓  Pressure Ranges from -30”Hg Vacuum to 10,000 PSI
 ✓  Heavy Duty 316SS Powder Coated Canister 
 ✓  Temperature Compensated 0C to +50C
 ✓  Maximum Operating Temperature -40C to +105C 
 ✓  Ingress Protection IP65 
 ✓  Approved for General Purpose Use 
 ✓  Multiple Electrical Connectors & Housings Available
 ✓  Multiple Process Connection Materials & Connection Threads Available
 ✓  Laser Engraved Product Information 
 ✓  RoHS2 Compliant Directive 2011/65/EU
 ✓  2 Year Conditional Warranty (Serial Number Traceability)
 ✓  Unparalleled Value