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Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer

Using the Prima PRO, fast, online, highly accurate analysis of the properties of these process gases is achieved. The properties include complete and precise compositional analysis and the calculation of calorific value (gross and net), density, specific gravity, Wobbe Index, stoichiometric air requirement and the combustion air requirement index (CARI). The latter value is used for combustion control where gas is burned within the processing plant. The Prima PRO also provides precise gas composition as inputs to the material balance equations that are used to control the various stages of the process. Additional Prima PRO benefits include:
• Reduced energy consumption (fuel gas and electricity)
• Increased liquids recovery
• Precise measurement of the product’s energy value
• Reduced environmental emissions.



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Product Description

Link Industrial’s Process Mass Spectrometers in Edmonton analyze product streams, separating particles to determine the composition of a stream or sample of a material. This process is especially useful in oil and gas applications, bio-ethanol production, Ethylene, ammonia, hydrogen plants to determine how much of different gasses and products are being produced by any given well or source at any given time. These industrial mass spectrometers help improve efficiency and maximize yields with fast, accurate results and simple maintenance. Ruggedly designed and tolerant of faults, this reliable mass spectrometer is built to handle operations in Alberta’s tough climate. Maximize product yield and increase profits with the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer. This online process mass spectrometer & process gas analyzer is engineered to meet a number of challenging process applications in the petrochemical, iron and steel, and biotechnology industries. Highly reliable and easy-to-own, the Thermo Fisher Prima PRO online process mass spectrometer delivers faster, more complete, lab quality online gas composition analysis. It features a rugged, fault-tolerant design that ensures availability that exceeds 99.7% and a simplified maintenance procedure and auto-tune capability to facilitate ongoing operation and enhance productivity. Link Industrial supplies quality, easy-to-use Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Prima PRO mass spectrometers to Edmonton, Alberta, and Northern B.C. businesses.

The Prima PRO Online Mass Spectrometer Features:

  • Significantly enhanced analyzer control, giving increased sensitivity, precision, accuracy and mass range
  • Completely redesigned electronics, incorporating higher specification components
  • Fast online process gas analysis (1 to 20 seconds per point) for accurate tracking of process dynamics
  • Comprehensive measurement with more data provided to advanced process control (APC) models
  • Stable with 30- to 90-day automated calibration interval
  • Reliable, fault-tolerant design for availability of greater than 99.7%
  • Complete service access from the front of the system, reducing the effective footprint
  • Small footprint with no large shelter required
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Enhanced connectivity to DCS systems and off-line data manipulation packages

The Prima PRO Online Mass Spectrometer Is Recommended for:

  • Fermentation processes
  • Cell culture processes
  • Iron and steel processes
  • Ethylene, ammonia, hydrogen plants
  • Ethylene oxide, methanol, polyethylene/polypropylene
  • Ethylene oxide process
  • Catalysis research
  • Solvent drying


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