The Model FT4X is the newest Fox Flowmeter.
It includes the 2nd Generation DDC-Sensor™, CAL-V™ Calibration Validation, and HART or RS485 Modbus communication options.

Common Features for Fox Model FT4X Flow Meter:

•Measures process gas flow rate/total and temperature
•Insertion probes (for 1.5″ – 70″ pipes); Inline flow bodies with NPT ends (1.5″ – 3″ pipes); Inline 150# & 300# Flanged flow bodies (1.5″ – 6″ pipes)
•Equipped with the 2nd Generation DDC-Sensor™ (Direct Digitally Controlled)
•Gas-SelectX® expanded gas selection menu. Choose from available list of gases/gas mixes to measure flow. NIST-traceable calibration
•Advanced Data Logger with Real Tim Clock and 40 24-Hour daily totals
•Settable Contract Time defines Contract Day
•A USB connection is standard (free FT4X View™ Software); Optional HART and RS485 Modbus communication protocols
•Standard on-board display and configuration panel