Kinetrol Limited has further increased its product portfolio with the introduction of the Model 60. The new unit, which joins the wide range of actuators already manufactured by Kinetrol, increases the company’s torque output coverage to over 40,000 Nm (350,000

The Model 60 is currently the largest actuator in the Kinetrol collection, adding to the sixteen units already available, starting at 0.1 Nm. The unit is a single vane actuator, giving ‘direct drive’ rotary control. The one moving part construction minimises side loading, eliminates axial loading and increases life expectancy. The Model 60 also utilises Kinetrol’s preloaded, double-opposed, polyurethane lip seal and air consumption reducing/energy absorbent side plate technologies. This, coupled with a new end-stop design, extends the actuator’s life, reduces its energy consumption and maximises its operating speed.