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Trace Moisture and Dew-Point Analysis in Gases

Based on Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis, the MEECO cell absorbs and electrolyzes moisture at fractional parts-per-million (ppm) or other units of measure. How: One hundred percent of the sample moisture is absorbed by a phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) film that covers two spirally-wound electrodes embedded in a hollow glass tube. When the sample gas enters the cell at a known flow rate, the film absorbs all the moisture molecules present. By applying an electrical potential (voltage) to the electrodes, each absorbed water molecule is electrolyzed, generating a finite current. This current is precise and proportional to the amount of absorbed water. It is, therefore, an exact, direct measurement of the water vapor present in the sample gas.

Moisture-in = Current Out
Do you really need all that complicated calibration equipment the competition wants to sell you? Wouldn’t you rather keep it simple? With MEECO instrumentation, it’s as easy as Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis: Moisture in = Current Out.

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