Product Description

Thermo Scientific and Link Industrial Technologies are a Leading Provider of Continuous Emission Monitoring System ( CEMS ) for Alberta. As new regulations are revised, Thermo Scientific’s CEMS systems are able to exceed the requirements proposed.

  • New equipment performance specifications
  • More stringent RATA specifications
  • New Monitoring plan authorization
  • Wider analyzer ranges, inline with PG7 and U.S. EPA
  • Dual range analyzers
  • Increased percent availability
  • 6-Month data storage and back up

The 43 iQ SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer paired with the 42 iQ NOx Analyzers will meet all your future requirements.  The 42 iQ NOx Analyzer measures nitrogen oxides in the ppb levels up to 500 ppm in an available Dual Range, Auto Range, Temperature Correction, and Pressure Correction.

  • Non-Stop Intelligence
  • Predictive Diagnostics
  • Proactive Communication
  • Personal Device Connectivity

The iQ companion app for the iQ Series Gas Analyzer delivers the ultimate in ease of use and smart engineering. The iQ app allows for remote monitoring of iQ gas analyzers, simplified ways of contacting us and instant access to product resources.
Download the iQ app at

Thermo Scientific Model 43 iQ SO2 Analyzer utilizes pulsed fluorescence technology to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air. The pulsing of the UV source lamp serves to increase the optical intensity whereby a greater UV energy throughput and lower detectable SO2 concentration are realized.
Reflective bandpass filters, as compared to commonly used transmission filters, are less subject to photochemical degradation and more selective in wavelength isolation. This results in both increased detection specificity and long term stability.