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Magnum EX * Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Insertion Magmeter *

Magnum EX is a magnetic flowmeter for measuring the flow of conductive pipe-flows that are located within Class 1, Division 1 or equivalent hazardous locations.The Magnum sensor uses a combination of explosion-proof and intrinsic safety technology to meet this requirement, while the transmitter is located outside the hazardous area.Magnum EX can be set up for a variety of applications with a few clicks of a mouse from any PC running the Magio III interface software.

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If you are searching for flow meters, this is the best choice for Electromagnetic flow meter for 30 inch and larger pipe sizes. Magmeter is a unique insertion flow meter designed for harsh environments with its Hastelloy electrodes, high temperature option ( 204 degrees C), CRN approvals and CSA Class 1 Div 1 rated. The universal insertion meter can be installed in large diameter pipes utilizing the same flow meter regardless if you pipe is 30 inches or 42 inches and has No moving parts, maintenance-free. MSR Magmeter is locally manufactured in Alberta to withstand the harshest of environments. The Magnum Magnetic Flowmeter determines the flow of conductive liquids in pipes. It does so by determining liquid velocity using the the principle of magnetic induction. A conductor (water, for example) moving through a magnetic field generated by the Magnum flowmeter will generate a current that is proportional to the velocity of the conductor. The higher the generated current, the higher the velocity signal. Applications for all pipe sizes in Alberta, including Wastewater Treatment,Water Treatment, Irrigation,  Slurray flow, Utilities, Pulp and Paper, Mining and Oilsands.

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