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Combining the latest in CCD Ethernet camera technology, with Canty fused glass technology, high intensity lighting and CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ software, the INFLOW™ provides real time inline analysis(size & concentration) of Oil and Solids (Sand) in Water, or Water and Solids in Oil

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BSW, Color, Oil In Water, Turbidity, Water in Oil


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JM Canty INFLOW™ – OIL IN WATER ANALYSIS provides real-time ppm values of oil in water concentration for producers in Alberta. The system is easy to use for operators, lab technicians, and process engineers. Information is easily viewed, recorded and stored in a database for future use. Applications for the inflow include produced water, effluent, waterflood, Water Content Reporting, Water Injection, Tailings, Oil Separators, Filters, Treaters, desalters, Water Measurement in Hydrocarbons, BS&W Analyzer /BS&W Probe (LACT), oil and gas, chemical plants and refineries. The Canty Inflow™ is an excellent tool for oil environments to determine the concentration, particle size and count of oil droplets. The solids in the system can be analyzed as well by the Inflow™. The CantyVision™ Software accurately measures multiple aspects of the OiW from oil/solids / gas independent of each other for accurate data.


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