The Canty Quick Change Rupture Disk allows a single rupture disk user to quickly change, inspect, or clean a rupture disk. This allows increased safety and proper Clean-In- Place standards to be maintained simultaneously. The Quick Change Rupture Disk (QCRD) requires no tools to install and relies on a dual floating o-ring seal. This patented seal ring arrangement is identical to the Canty QuickPortsTM for access, view, and sample ports. The zero leak design has been proven through a combination of air and liquid submergence testing. This takes the QuickPortTM through external pressure, no pressure, and ultra high internal pressure leak testing where a constant o-ring seal was maintained. The QCRD integrity is guaranteed through its simple seal ring design, which deflects as the rupture disk is inserted. The original seal ring concept has over 20 years of experience in the hyper baric and diving industry where any operational failure would be fatal.