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Sanitary Flange Fuseview™ Sight Glass

JM Canty manufacturers unique fused glass windows that exceed conventional sight glasses. All Canty Sight Glass feature Fuseview™ windows that are engineered to meet all your tank and process vessel requirements. By fusing glass to metal, a high pressure, high safety, a hermetic seal is formed.

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J.M. Canty Fuseview™ sight glasses have been engineered to meet all your tank, process vessel and safety needs. Bolt-on Fuseview™ is a fused sight glass providing one-piece construction with no additional gaskets or torquing required. All Canty Bolt-on  Fuseview™ were designed and tested to ensure the x safest product available. Canty can provide certification of material and testing if required, typical of ASME code requirements for process vessels.

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